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22 March 2012

Alan Woods of Woods Squared, a multi-award winning business growth accountancy practice based in Hamilton Square, Birkenhead has delivered his fourth and final lecture in a series of guest lectures on Small Business Management and Accounts for BA (Hons) Business Management students.

The lectures were arranged through the Centre for Entrepreneurship's LJMU Start-Up Network for student and graduate start-ups and businesses led by established entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur himself, Alan is well-placed to advise owner-managed businesses to help them grow and achieve their business and personal goals. Woods Squared has achieved a number of business excellence awards including 2020 Innovation Awards Winner 2011 and UK Small Practice Winner 2011 in the Accounting Web Practice Excellence Awards.

Image of Alan Woods of Woods SquaredSenior Lecturer in Enterprise and Small Business Management PingPing Meckel, worked with LJMU's Centre for Entrepreneurship team to plan and deliver the event. As a member of the Start-Up Network, Alan was willing to share his expertise with the students commenting:

"I was happy to get involved with the guest lectures because as a business, we are always looking to support and encourage people to ensure that they make the most out of their potential - we do this every day with the businesses that we work with and I've enjoyed taking an active part in the learning of some of the future business owners in the region."

For further information about Woods Squared visit:

For further information about the LJMU Start-Up Network and the Centre for Entrepreneurship, please call Dominique Aspey on 0151 231 3520 or email:

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