Avril Robarts refurbishment works

01 July 2011

Major disruption to ground floor services between Monday 18 July and Monday 8 August

The Avril Robarts Learning Resource Centre is undergoing a series of refurbishment works this summer, which will cause some disruption to staff and students.

  • Carpet tiles on the ground floor of the LRC are being replaced with new hard wearing vinyl.
  • An extended quiet study zone is being developed on the third floor. 
  • The LRC will be repainted and toilets refurbished.

Painting programme

The LRC will be repainted between Monday 4 and Friday 15 July. During this period, access to specific areas of the LRC will be restricted to ensure the safety of staff, students and contractors. Full details of the painting programme will be available from LRC staff.

New flooring for the Social Learning Zone

This work will take place between Monday 18 July and Monday 8 August. During this period, the ground floor of the LRC will be closed to staff and students.

This means that:

  • There will be no access to the 104 computers on the ground floor. 
  • The ground floor study spaces and seminar rooms will be closed.
  • Students will not be able to use the ground floor cash loader or business unit with its photocopiers,  printers, binders and laminators, etc. 
  • Hub Services and book return in the LRC will be relocated.

Students will be directed to alternative computing facilities on the other floors of the LRC:

  • First floor: 64 PCs
  • Second floor: 110 PCs
  • Third Floor: 37 PCs 
  • 30 laptops available to borrow via the Hub

To ensure students continue to have access to the full range of printing services, the large format printer will be temporarily relocated to the 2nd floor. Details will be available from LRC staff.

While these works are ongoing, students will have to use an alternative cash loader in the Aldham Robarts LRC and are advised to check opening hours for evening availability. Students can also top-up their virtual purse online via www.ljmu.ac.uk/VirtualPurse/95380.htm

Students requiring seminar rooms will be able to use other facilities on the 1st and 2nd floors of the LRC.

Dedicated 3rd floor silent study zone

Following the completion of the refurbishment programme, a section of the third floor of the LRC will be exclusively designated as a silent study zone. This development is in direct response to student feedback. A further silent study zone is already available on the 1st floor. This work has started and will be completed during August. During this period, areas will be restricted for safety reasons while the contractors are at work.

The journal collections will be relocated on the 3rd floor between 4 – 8 July. LRC staff will collect any item that is not accessible as a result of this move. Staff and students are asked to note that there may be a short delay in fulfilling journal requests as a result.

PC upgrade

To minimise disruption to students, PCs in the Social Learning Zone will be upgraded at the same time the new flooring is being laid.

LJMU apologises for any inconvenience that these works may cause.

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