Honorary Fellow: Oliver Stanley

14 July 2011

Oliver Stanley was awarded a Fellowship for his outstanding contribution to financial services in Liverpool and publishing.

Born in Liverpool in the 1920s, Oliver was educated at Oxford and Harvard universities. He was Chairman of one of Liverpool’s longest-established companies Rathbone Brothers for 13 yHonorary Fellow Oliver Stanley ears and the company benefitted from his wide-ranging experience in wealth management for almost 30 years. A member of the Society of Authors since 1967, he is the author of seven works of both fiction and non-fiction. He was one of the founders of Profile Books in 1996, one of the UK’s largest independent publishers, which came to prominence when it published Lynne Truss’s million-selling ‘Eats, Shoots and Leaves’ in 2003. Oliver was the Chairman of Profile between 1996 and 2005 and is now actively involved in various local and national charities helping the aged, the infirm and carers.

Oliver commented on the Fellowship:

"I am proud to receive this Fellowship from Liverpool John Moores University, a model institution which offers an environment in which students can engage in learning that is relevant, innovative, and wide ranging; which can contribute to individual students’ academic knowledge, provide a route to professional careers and is of social or economic importance to communities. The University has become an important part of the life of Liverpool exercising a major influence on the culture of the city, and producing significant creative talent."

Speaking about Oliver’s conferment, Vice-Chancellor, Professor Michael Brown said:

"Oliver’s highly successful and varied career is a perfect example to students of how the LJMU ethos of ‘dream, plan, achieve’ can be set out over a lifetime. We are honoured to welcome him as an Honorary Fellow."

To view the oration for Oliver Stanley click here

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