Staff invitation to Media Enhanced Learning Forum

21 November 2011

Thursday 1 December, 1.00 to 4.30pm, Training Room 1, 5th floor, Kingsway House

This meeting will focus on the growing interest in the recordings of lectures or 'lecture capture', across the UK HE sector.

Graham McElearney from the University of Sheffield will be giving the main presentation. He is currently supporting the adoption of this technology there, with a particular focus on copyright. He spoke recently at an Association for Learning Technology (ALT) conference in London that focused on lecture capture. You can view those presentations here to give you an experience using the different technologies as well as hearing about the developments.

This session will present a brief overview of the practices and technologies involved in this process and the findings from the literature focusing on impacts on staff and students.

The presentations will include experiences from LJMU staff and students who have captured and watched recorded lectures.

The session will also include a chance to share ideas and concerns with staff from a range of departments across the University.

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