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03 February 2009

Students rewarded for academic excellence, voluntary work and sporting merit.

Liverpool John Moores University has given Merseyside a boost in the economic downturn, awarding local students over £180,000 worth of scholarships.Vice-Chancellor Professor Michael Brown with this year's scholarship winners

Over 180 talented students have each received £1,000 for academic excellence, voluntary work and sporting merit. They will be given the same amount every year of their degree course. As most LJMU students come from the Merseyside area, the extra financial support is welcomed by families in the region.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Michael Brown said: "LJMU is the most generous Higher Education institution in the North West, providing more bursaries and scholarships than any other local university.

"We have this year awarded over £200,000 worth of scholarships. Alongside the 180 scholarships, two students have won the Vice-Chancellor's Award and will each receive £10,000 every year of their degree course. Importantly, over 65% of the scholarships we’ve awarded have been given to students from low income backgrounds."

In addition to the scholarships, LJMU awards non-repayable bursaries which, thanks to the institution's generous eligibility requirements, will this year be received by two-thirds of its full-time home students.

According to The Office for Fair Access, LJMU spends more than the sector average on supporting lower income and other disadvantaged students. The institution currently allocates around one third of the additional income generated from variable tuition fees – over £6.5 million – on supporting students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Nationally, the sector average is only one quarter.

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