Management and Leadership programmes for LJMU staff

06 January 2012

The Academic Enhancement Unit has places available on the following programmes.

ILM Level 3 in First Line Management

This programme is aimed at first time managers or people aspiring to be managers. It concentrates on giving the foundation for formal development into this role, by developing basic management skills and the knowledge required at this level. The programme is conducted on a modular basis, allowing participants to select the areas they feel are most appropriate to their own individual needs and their role.

ILM Level 4 in Leadership and Management

This programme aims to give practicing managers a foundation for their formal development in this role. The qualification does this by developing basic middle management and leadership skills and assisting participants in gaining the knowledge required at this level.

To find out more about the programmes please contact:

The Induction for both Programmes is being held on Thursday 19 January, 1.00 to 3.00pm.

All sessions will be held at the Academic Enhancement Unit, 5th Floor, Kingsway House.

The Staff Development Schedule with full list of dates is available here

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