New system for staff recruitment process

13 January 2012

Please be advised we are moving to a new i-recruitment system for staff vacancies with effect from Monday 23 January 2012.

Applicants will be able to apply for vacancies online. This will improve the recruitment process and make it easier for applicants.

There will be a short transitional period however, when vacancies will have two different reference numbers, one for when the vacancy appeared on the old system and another one for the new system. The job title and closing date will be the same on both systems.

From 23 January application forms will be emailed, rather than posted, to Managers after the closing date. This will help to speed up the process. It also means Managers can retain the forms ready for interviews. Equal Opportunities data will still not be sent to Managers.

As large attachments will be emailed to staff involved in recruiting they will need to be aware that inboxes can fill up quite quickly, and so PDF documents that are sent will need to be saved to M Drives, and the emails deleted. They will also need to be aware that, due to Data Protection issues, once the recruitment process is over they must delete these files. Any forms that have been printed out will also need to be shredded. Please click here for the LJMU Data Protection Page.

The system will email applicants at each stage of their application to keep them informed of their progress. Once shortlisting has taken place Managers will still need to inform their HR Adviser of the applicants chosen for interview and the interview details. It is important  that all of the correct information is given to the HR Advisers at this stage as interview details will then be emailed to candidates.

Once interviews have taken place Managers will need to inform their HR Adviser of the outcome and feedback will still be given by the Chair of the panel.

If you have any queries relating to the process or a particular vacancy your HR Adviser or the staff recruitment team (0151 904 6130/6131) will be pleased to help you.

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