LJMU student to curate Titanic Centenary exhibition

08 February 2012

Level 6 History of Art student, Katrina Shock, has won the position to curate a show of community participation works in response to the Titanic Centenary.

It is envisaged that the exhibition will take place at the Maritime Museum in Liverpool at the end of April 2012. Katrina will take the lead role, using the project as the focus for her final Major Project assessment before graduating. Katrina will be working on this project with a team made up of the 'POD' (a pod of professional designers who work at LJMU's School of Art and Design).

Katrina submitted her proposal to be the curator with the support of the POD www.artdesignpod.co.uk

Black and white photograph of Titanic sailing on waterThis is a great achievement, as the exhibition will be seen by thousands of people as the centenary of the sinking of the Titanic (pictured) is a very important event in the Liverpool city calendar this year. Katrina has previously had experience of working with community arts - at the Bluecoat School of Art in Liverpool before beginning the History of Art course, and an intense internship with a community drama organisation that performed its play in association with the NHS, at the Unity Theatre in Liverpool.

Katrina is hoping to go into the area of community arts when she graduates so this world of work experience will be invaluable for achieving that aim.

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