Inaugural professorial lecture invitation: Professor Greg Whyte

15 February 2012

You are invited to attend:

Exercise Vs. Sport: Good Vs. Evil?
Professor Greg Whyte: PhD, DSc, FACSM, FBASES

Wednesday 22nd February 2012, 4:45pm
Lower James parsons Lecture Theatre, James Parsons Building, Byrom Street, Liverpool L3 3AF

Abstract of Lecture

Professor Whyte began his athletic career at the age of 6 years as a swimmer and following a successful early career, including becoming national champion, he migrated to Modern Pentathlon where he represented his country on over 80 occasions European and World Championships and the Olympic Games.

During these formative years Professor Whyte was a follower of the commonly held belief that exercise and sport were wholly positive for health and well-being. Following his doctoral studies examining the Athlete’s Heart and exercise associated sudden cardiac death, and subsequent appointment as Director of Research for the British Olympic Association Professor Whyte began to question the accepted dogma that sport was without risk.

Continuing his work in the field of cardiovascular function following acute and chronic exercise and in particular sudden cardiac death in the young, Professor Whyte established the UK’s first dedicated Centre for Sport Cardiology (CSC) at the Olympic Medical Institute.

With multiple National and International collaborations Professor Whyte has published and continues to publish extensively in the area informing and develop our understanding of the incidence, aetiology, identification, diagnosis and treatment diseases that predispose to sudden cardiac death.

Alongside this work, Professor Whyte, along with collaborators, has examined the deleterious effects of elite sport and extreme environments on the athlete in an attempt to enhance performance. Notable areas of interest include asthma and exercise induced asthma; immune function and unexplained underperformance syndrome; heat and hydration; pollution; and ergogenic aids.

The outcome of this research and his interest in the limits of human performance Professor Whyte has developed a belief for a ‘dose dependent’ relationship where increasing exercise volume (intensity + frequency + duration) has positive effects up to an individually defined maximum beyond which the wholly positive benefits of ‘exercise’ transform into the potentially deleterious effects of ‘sport’.

In his inaugural Professorial Lecture Professor Whyte will use the timeline of his research alongside his personal experience from elite sport, major challenges and the media to demonstrate that whilst exercise is good; sport may be inherently evil.

To book a place at this lecture, please contact Aly Leigh, email:, tel: 0151 231 2242.

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