Open to all: new LJMU Mathematics Resource and Support Centre

16 April 2012

After successfully bidding for a grant from the HE-STEM programme, the University is pleased to announce the opening of the new 'Mathematics Resource and Support Centre'.

The service aims to support LJMU students with any mathematics or numeracy-related query, and improve their confidence and attainment in mathematics, whatever the level. The 'mathematics problem' in the UK is widely acknowledged and deep-seated, indeed many students struggle with the numerate aspects in a range of subjects, not just in the 'obviously' mathematically demanding engineering and science courses.

The new centre, based in Rooms 1.09 and 1.11 of the Henry Cotton Building, is already in operation and has welcomed its first student customers. It is usually open between 11.00am and 3.00pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays during Semester and Tuesdays and Thursdays during vacations.

However, please check website for up to date details at:

All LJMU students are welcome to 'drop in' (no appointment is necessary) and we will advise on all mathematical topics. A Wimba-based one-to-one support service for off-campus students is also planned to commence shortly.

For further information call Andrew Fox, tel: 0151 904 6066 or Leslie Fletcher, tel: 0151 231 4518

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