'Getting the Picture': Liverpool Screen School hosts local TV debate

09 May 2012

Last week over 200 representatives from the Media and Higher Education sectors came together for a day of debate hosted by Liverpool Screen School, to consider the impact and issues associated with the forthcoming UK-wide award of local TV licences.

Sponsored by Creative Skillset and Sony, this event attracted delegates from across the UK, and provided a stimulating forum to consider such issues as: lessons learnt from previous local TV models and community radio; finding a sustainable business model; the issues and opportunities associated with BBC funding, and how Higher Education can work with licence-holders, including different models for student engagement and involvement in delivering content.

Image of Debate panel for screen school TV debate eventPanels consisted of local/regional stakeholders, including Chris Johnson, Chief Executive Officer, Bay TV and Ruth Spratt, former MD MEN Media and Channel M, together with national representatives from Media and Higher Education, including Gillian Youngs, Professor of Digital Economy, University of Wales, Newport, Suzanne Kavanagh, Partnership Manager, Creative Skillset, Kath Worrall, former Director of Broadcasting, Border Television and former regulator, Ofcom and Broadcasting Standards Commission, Simon Bucks, Associate Editor, Sky News, Jamie Conway, CEO Element TV, and David Hayward, BBC College of Journalism.

Sessions from the day will be available on the Liverpool Screen School website shortly. Bay TV conducted short interviews with Debra Davis, Chief Executive City TV Broadcasting and Judith Jones, Director Liverpool Screen School, viewable here: 

More information about the sessions can be found in Suzanne Kavanagh's entry on Creative Skillset's blog: http://blog.skillset.org/

Director of the Liverpool Screen School, Judith Jones, commented on the event:

"The Liverpool Screen School was delighted to host this day-long debate around the issues relating to the local TV licensing framework. Liverpool will be one of the first 20 areas to be issued with a licence later this year and I believe that this event was a timely point to discuss the opportunities and challenges that local TV will present, including how higher education will be able to work with successful bidders.

"The Liverpool Screen School will be moving into the new £37.6m Redmonds Building situated in Liverpool's Knowledge Quarter in September this year and as Director of the School, I am keen that this will be the first of many such events that will enable the Screen School to bring together and engage with a variety of local, national and international organisations to discuss issues that impact on the creative media industries and be a real hub for debate."

The Liverpool Screen School will be holding follow up events about local TV once the initial tranche of 20 licenses are awarded. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter: @LJMULocalTV #lsslocaltv

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