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12 June 2012

The World of Work Careers Centre organised a unique opportunity for a group of final year LJMU students to take part in a Mock Assessment Centre with the First Division Association (Civil Service Union) in London on  Tuesday 29 May 2012. The event was specially designed by the Cabinet Office and was supported by Civil Service staff who attended from all over the country.
World of Work Careers Centre
Assessment Centres are a common feature of the graduate recruitment process for many larger organisations. They are usually an all-day event during which candidates are tested to see how they demonstrate range of skills and competences in different situations and activities.

The aims of the day were to raise awareness of the Civil Service as an employer, to give students the experience of testing their skills in a training and development environment and to give them an insight into the type of activities and tasks they could expect when attending an assessment/recruitment process in the future. All the activities were observed throughout and students received detailed individual feedback on their performance from Civil Service assessors/mentors. 

All students said that they found the experience extremely useful.  One student commented that the most enjoyable part of the day was, "Being stimulated by the three tasks. Receiving one to one feedback, as well as those perspectives coming from various individual assessors. I have completely misjudged what the Civil Service does. So it was educational to receive knowledge from real peers in the field. I’ve learned a lot about myself.  It will improve my interview technique."

The Civil Service and FDA were very impressed with the students who took part commenting that they 'certainly found the day very successful'.

If you are interested in finding out more about the day or how LJMU students can benefit from the support of Public Sector Professionals please contact We are planning to recruit 25 students from around the University next semester to take part in a Civil Service Mentoring Programme for 2012/13.

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