Online Module Registration: Programme List

11 June 2012

Here is an alphabetical list of the all the undergraduate programmes taking part in Online Module Registration (OMR).

OMR is the process by which eligible undergraduate students – full and part-time – can select their preferred option modules for the 2012/2013 academic year.

If your programme is listed here please check your LJMU email account for details of what you need to do to select your option modules for next year.

If you have any queries about Online Module Registration, call the helpline (0151 231 3289), email or contact the Student Zone in your local Learning Resource Centre.

To download the OMR Student User Guide, click here

The deadline to complete is 31 July 2012.

List of participating programmes:
Accounting and Finance
Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering
Animal Behaviour
Applied Chemical and Pharmaceutical Science
Applied Languages - French and Spanish
Applied Languages - Spanish and Japanese
Applied Psychology
Applied Sport Psychology
Automotive Engineering
Automotive Product Development
Biochemistry and Forensic Science
Biomedical Science
Broadcast and Media Production
Building Surveying
Business and Combined Studies
Business and Economics
Business and Human Resources
Business and Public Relations
Business Information Systems
Business Management
Business Management and Information
Business Studies
Coaching Development
Computer Aided Design
Computer Animation and Visualisation
Computer Engineering
Computer Forensics
Computer Games Technology
Computer Studies
Computer Technology
Computing & IT
Creative Writing
Creative Writing and Film Studies
Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice and Law
Criminology and Psychology
Criminology and Sociology
Cyber Security
Dance Practices
Drama and Creative Writing
Drama and English
Drama and Film Studies
Early Childhood Studies
Education Studies and Early Years
Education Studies and Physical Education
Education Studies and Special and Inclusive Needs
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
English and Creative Writing
English and Media and Cultural Studies
Environmental Sciences
Film Studies
Food and Nutrition
Forensic Anthropology
Forensic Psychology and Criminal Justice
Forensic Science
Forensic Science and Biological Anthropology
Forensic Science and Criminal Justice
Graphic Arts
Graphic Design and Illustration
Health & Social Care Development
Health & Social Care Development (Paramedics)
History and English
Human Resource Management
IMedia (Interactive Media Design)
Inclusive Sports Development
Information Systems
International Business Studies and Chinese
International Business Studies and French
International Business Studies and Japanese
International Business Studies and Spanish
International Journalism
IT and Multimedia Computing
Law & Criminal Justice
Learning, Development and Support (LaWP)
Management, Transport and Logistics
Maritime Business and Management
Maritime Studies
Mathematics, Statistics and Computing
Mechanical and Marine Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Media Professional Studies
Media, Culture, Communication
Nautical Science
Outdoor Education
Physical Education, Sport and Dance
Popular Music Studies
Port and Maritime Management
Primary Education
Product Innovation and Development
Psychology and Biology
Psychology and Forensic Science
Public Relations and Japanese
Public Relations and Japanese
Retail Management
Science and Football
Software Engineering
Sport Development with Physical Education
Sports Science
Sports Technology
Sustainable Design
Sustainable Design
Telecommunications Engineering
Tourism and Leisure Management
Wildlife Conservation
Working with Children and Young People

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