Forensic students head to Romania

03 July 2012

25 students studying Forensic Science have just returned from an incredible trip to Bucharest, Romania, working at the Institutul National De Medicina Legala, Mina Minovici and Alexandra Ioan Cuza Police Academy.

In five days, the students were fully immersed in the world of forensics and police investigation, undertaking serology and anthropology practicals, learning about crime scene investigation and even attended autopsies. 

Organised by LJMU's Dr Amanda Boddis in collobaration with Dr Catalin Dogaroui from the Institutul National De Medicina Legala, students had the chance to put their practical skills and knowledge to the test.

Anthropology practicals included analysing bones to see if they are human or animal, learning to estimate the age, stature, race and sex in addition to examining gunshot wounds in bone. Serology sessions involved learning all about the ABO Human Blood Group System with some students even providing blood samples to determine their own blood type. Students even had the chance to watch three autopsies.

One student commented:

"The trip was phenomenal, it was really hands on and the autopsies were possibly the best biology I've ever seen. It's so much better than just looking in a book and having to imagine."

At the Alexandra Ioan Cuza Police Academy, students learned about police training in Romania and had the chance to take part in practical firearms sessions and Crime Scene Investigation.

Another student said:

"The police academy was fantastic as well. The ballistic session was really informative, and the explanations were simple to follow and again, really hands on."

At the end of the trip all of the students received a certificate of attendance from Dr Dogaroiu.

This is the first time forensic students have embarked on such a trip and the positive feedback has been overwhelming. A student commented:

"What a fantastic time we had in Romania. I think it exceeded all our expectations. I found it really educational and was an incredible experience."

As a result of this success, Dr Boddis is planning to run the trip again next year.



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