LJMU: Fully Engaged with Business and the Community

02 July 2012

LJMU continues to punch above its weight in its interaction with business and the community.

The findings of the recently released HE-BCI (Higher Education Business and Community Interaction survey) Survey 2010/11 have confirmed that LJMU’s mutually beneficial relationships with business and the community are as strong as ever.

The University's reputation for successful engagement with organisations in the private, public and social sectors is reflected in its ranking of 61st out of 164 HEIs in the UK for this activity, with the value of LJMU's interaction with business and the community totalling £14.3m.

The survey, managed by the Higher Education Funding Council for England, is an essential source of information on the exchange of knowledge that takes place between higher education institutions (HEIs) and the world of business and the community. Data reported in the survey provides invaluable intelligence for knowledge exchange practitioners and policy-makers alike, providing an in-depth commentary on the extent of and trends in knowledge exchange activity in the UK.

The HE-BCI survey covers entrepreneurship and a range of activity that comes under the broad heading of knowledge and technology exchange, including the commercialisation of new knowledge, through to the delivery of professional training, consultancy, research and regeneration activity.

'Business' in this context refers to public, private and social sector partners of all sizes with which HEIs have a broad spectrum of interactions. 'Community' is taken to mean society as a whole outside the HEI, including all social, civic and cultural organisations and individuals.

LJMU's key benchmarks include:

  • 1st among post-1992 UK universities and 42nd from the UK for income from contract research
  • 17th in the UK for number of formal (not HEI owned) spin-offs established and 21st for the current turnover of these firms
  • 37th in the UK for number of staff start-ups established and 23rd for the current turnover of these firms
  • 35th in the UK for number of graduate start-ups established and 21st for the current turnover of these firms
  • 44th in the UK for value of bespoke Continued Professional Development (CPD) for business and community
  • 72nd in the UK for the value of consultancy contracts
  • 58th in the UK for income from collaborative research
  • 55th for the value of contracts from facilities and equipment related services

LJMU's Jon Barrett, Commercial and International Director, Commercial and International Directorate, said:

"The HE-BCI survey results show that LJMU continues to perform strongly across all areas of entrepreneurship and knowledge and technology exchange. This activity is an integral part of LJMU's strategic commitment to social and economic engagement and to achieving excellence in teaching and learning, research and scholarship and enhancement of the student experience. We are firmly focused on optimising our return on investment from these activities, be that return income, reputation enhancement and most importantly, benefit to our student community."

For further information, please contact Jon Barrett on: 07968 422558 or email: J.Barrett@ljmu.ac.uk  

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