People in the School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences



Name Room Phone Email Role
Anderson, Vicki 907 2050 v.anderson Lecturer in Pharmacology, School Disability Co-ordinator
Barry, Patricia 10.05b 2090 p.barry Clinical Placement Tutor - Biomedical Science 
Billington, David 10.04 2077 d.billington Emeritus Professor of Medical Biochemistry
Birkett, Jason  10.06 2041 j.birkett Senior Lecturer in Analytical/Forensic Chemistry
Boddis, Amanda 10.06 2238 a.boddis Lecturer in Forensic Science
Bradshaw, Ian J 903 2014 i.j.bradshaw Subject Leader in Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences, Associate Dean (Quality Assurance & Enhancement)
Brandt, Simon 219 2184 s.brandt Reader in Bioactive Drug Chemistry
Bresnen, Gaynor 752 2195 g.bresnen Subject Leader in Pharmacology/Pharmacy Practice
Bryan, Nick  10.02  B 2385 j.bryan Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Science
Burke, Patricia 10.04 2336 p.a.burke Admissions Recruitment Co-ordinator, Senior Lecturer in Molecular Biology
Burrell, Helen 10.09 2165 h.burrell Lecturer in Molecular and Cellular Biology, Level 5 tutor for Biochemistry & Biomedical Science Programmes
Chaudary, Shaqil H 217 2292 s.chaudary Principal Lecturer in Pharmacy, Pharmacy (MPharm) Course Leader
Coxon, Christopher R 10.03b 6344 c.r.coxon Lecturer in Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences
Cronin, Mark   2402 m.t.cronin Professor of Predictive Toxicology
Crosby, Steve 10.01 2029 s.r.crosby Subject Leader Biomolecular Sciences, Principal Lecturer in Biomolecular Sciences
Cubbin, Ian J 752 2291 i.j.cubbin Teacher Practitioner, Pharmacy Practice (P/T), Year 6 MPharm Tutor
Cutler, Suzanne 752 2195  s.c.cutler Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice
Davies , Jonathan   752a 2146 j.p.davies Senior Lecturer in Clinical Pharmacy
Davies, Michael 747 2024 m.davies1 Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice and Pharmaceutics
Dearden, John C 650 2066 j.c.dearden Emeritus Professor, Medicinal Chemistry (P/T)
Denton, Phil 215 2035 p.denton Principal Lecturer in Physical Chemistry, Faculty Associate Dean (Education)
Devine, Alison 750 2260 a.j.devine Lecture/Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice
Downing, James 650 2256 j.e.downing Senior Lecturer in Pharmacology
Ehtezazi, Touraj 745 2065 t.ehtezazi Lecturer in Pharmaceutics
Elliott, Peter N C 903 2097 p.n.elliott Part time Lecturer Pharmacology
Enoch, Steve 219 2146 s.j.enoch Lecturer in Pharmaceutical Sciences
Evans, Andrew 907 2145 a.r.evans Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Pharmacology
Evans, Katie 10.05b 2334 k.evans Lecturer in Microbiology
Ford, James   2193 Emeritus Professor
Foulkes, Joanne 10.05b 2480 j.m.foulkes Lecturer in Virology & Microbiology
Fox, Ray 203a 2285 Lecturer ACAPS Programme Leader, Principal Lecturer
Gaskell, Elsie 221c 2166 e.e.gaskell Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Pharmacology, Level 1 MPharm year tutor
Giuntini, Francesca 9.09 2072 f.giuntini Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Medicinal Chemistry
Graham, Daniel 2.06LSB  2187  d.l.graham Faculty Research Officer
Harland, Janice 10.03a 2254 j.c.harland Programme leader, Biomedical Science, School Learning & Teaching Co-ordinator
Hemers, Elaine 10.03b 2026 e.m.hemers Programme Leader Biology, Senior Lecturer of Cell Biology & Physiology
Henney, Neil 902 2071  n.c.henney Lecturer in Pharmacology, MPharm Level 7 tutor
Hobbs, Glynn  10.02a 2198 g.hobbs Reader in Applied Microbiology
Humphreys, Anne 10.08 2205 a.m.humphreys Programme Leader MSc Virology
Hutcheon, Gillian 221b 2130 g.a.hutcheon Reader in Biomaterials, Research Correspondent
Ismail, Fyaz 202a 2231 f.m.ismail Senior Lecturer in Medicinal Chemistry
Leach, Andrew 9.01b 2404 a.g.leach Senior Lecturer in Computer Aided Molecular Design
Lock, Ted 10.04  2077 e.lock Professor of Industrial Toxicology
Louhelainen, Jari 10.09 2044 j.louhelainen Senior Lecturer of Molecular Biology and Associate Professor of Biochemistry (University of Helsinki, Finland)
Lowe, Gordon 205 LSB  2142 g.m.lowe Reader in Biomedical Sciences
McColl, Suzzanne 267a 2156 s.m.mccoll Programme Leader Forensic
Mackridge, Adam J 750 2067 a.mackridge Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice
McCague, Paul 903 2097 p.j.mccague Senior Lecturer in Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice
Madden, Judith C 9.10c 2032 j.c.madden Reader in Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences
Moore, Sharon 221d 2049 s.a.moore Senior Lecturer, Pharmaceutical & Chemical Sciences, Level 6 ACAPS Tutor
Morecroft, Charles 747 2296 c.w.morecroft Principal Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice
Morris, Robert 750 2260 r.morris1 Senior Lecturer in Clinical Pharmacy
Morrissey, Joanne 10.06 2238 j.morrissey Senior Lecturer in Forensic Science Practice
>Mullen , Rachel   10.03B 2566 R.Mullen Senior Lecturer in Clinical Pharmacy
Mottram, Dave R 902 2071 d.r.mottram Emeritus Professor of Pharmacy Practice
Murphy, Mark 10.03c 2885 m.f.murphy Lecturer in Cellular Biology/Biochemistry
Nahar, Lutfun   2096 l.nahar Honorary Lecturer
Nesbit, Johanne 750 2067 j.nesbit Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice (P/T)
Nicholls, Barry S 202b 2185 b.s.nicholls Senior Lecturer in Chemistry, Level 5 Tutor, ChemiCAL Co-ordinator, Chemistry Web-Master, Chemistry Module Group Leader
Nickkho-Amiry , Sara   752a 2146 S.NickkhoAmiry Senior Lecturer in Clinical Pharmacy
Penson, Peter 902 2071 p.penson Lecturer in Pharmacology and Pharmacy Practice
Powell, Andrew 112 LSB 2487 a.powell Lecturer in Biochemistry
Rahman, Khalid 204 LSB 2087 k.rahman Professor of Physiological Biochemistry
Randle, Laura 10.08  2533 l.e.randle Lecturer in Biomolecular Sciences
Reid, Amanda 10.09 2058 a.j.reid Biochemistry Programme Leader
Reynolds, Colin 267b 2093 c.d.reynolds Emeritus Professor of Molecular Biophysics
Riby, Phil 207 2576 p.riby Senior Lecturer in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Analysis
Ritchie, Kenny 113 LSB  2219 k.j.ritchie Lecturer in Toxicology
Roberts, Matt 221a 2036 m.roberts1 Lecturer in Pharmaceutics, Module Group Leader-DFD
Ross , Kehinde 112 LSB 2567 o.k.ross Lecturer in Biochemistry and Cell Biology
Rostron, Chris 909 2072 c.rostron Honorary Research Fellow
Rowe, Phil 748 2069 p.h.rowe Reader in Pharmaceutical Computing
Russell, Melissa 203b 2234 m.c.russell Lecturer in Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Chemistry; Level 4 ACAPS Tutor. Link Tutor
Sarker, Satya 905 2096 s.sarker Director of School
Saleem, Imran 745b 2265 i.saleem Lecturer in Pharmaceutical Technology
Seton, Linda 221d 2049 l.seton Reader in Crystallisation Science
Sexton , Darren   10.02B 2439 D.Sexton Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences
Sharples, George 113 LSB  2203 g.p.sharples Reader in Microbiology, Honorary Professor of Electron Microscopy (Kasetsart University, Thailand)
Shemilt , Kate   10.03B 2618 Senior Lecturer in Clinical Pharmacy
Smalley, Helen 10.02a 2098 h.b.smalley Senior Lecturer in Microbiology
Traynor , Michael   750 6224 M.J.Traynor Senior Lecturer in Clinical Pharmacy
Wainwright, Mark 205 2039 m.wainwright Professor in Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, Module Group Leader, Medicinal Chemistry
Walters , Rebecca   750 6224 R.L.Walters Senior Lecturer in Clinical Pharmacy
Watts , Giles  10.02B 2416 G.Watts Senior Lecturer in Genetics
Whalley, Anthony   2233 a.j.whalley Professor of Mycology
Emeritus Room 10.04 Emeritus Room for BML Staff
Hot Desk Office 10.05c Hot Desk Office

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Teacher Practitioners

Name Room Phone Email Role
Ainsworth, Lisa 752 2146 a.ainsworth Teacher practitioner p/t, St Helens & Knowsley Trust
Aragon , Tavi 752 2146 o.aragoncuevas Teacher Practitioner p/t, Alder Hey
Bury, Heather 752 2146 h.bury Teacher Practitioner, Wirral University Hospital Trust
Duffy , Mary 752 2146 Teacher Practitioner, (p/t)
Edgar , Hannah 752 2146 Teacher Practitioner, (p/t)
Hughes , Laura 752 2146 L.E.Hughes Teacher Practitioner
Farooq, Sophia 752 2146 s.farooq Teacher Practitioner, Warrington
Hunt, Gareth 752 2146 g.hunt Teacher Practitioner, Clatterbridge Hospital Trust
Nickless , Gareth 908 2515 g.d.nickless Lead Clinical Liaison Tutor for the Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Pharmacy
Ocio, Philipa 752 2291 p.ocio Teacher Practitioner (p/t)
Peasley, Mark 752 2146 m.g.peasley Teacher Practitioner, Aintree Hospital Trust
Rosenburgh , Alison 752 2146 Teacher Practitioner, Countess of Chester Hospital Trust
Sexton, John 752a 2146 Teacher Practitioner (p/t), Royal Liverpool Teaching Hospital
Tin, Siu Man 752 2146 S.M.Tin or Teacher Practitioner (p/t), Royal Liverpool Hospital

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Project Officers

Name Room Phone Email Role
Ruddock , Gayle 908a G.A.Ruddock Project Officer

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Administrative Support Staff

Name Room Phone Email Role
Fearn, Jamie 144 2349 j.fearn World of Work and Skills Support Manager 
Galvin , Louise 904 2168 l.galvin1 Senior Programme Administrator
Jackson , Janet 904 2524 j.m.jackson Programme Administrator
Jones , Dave 245 2076 d.i.jones Finance Officer
Kent , Shaun 138 2259 s.kent Admissions Officer
Leigh, Dave 138 2259 d.w.leigh Admissions Officer
McCormack, Clare 904 2446 c.mccormack Programme Administrator
McCormack, John 140 4569 j.p.mccormack Postgraduate Admissions
Owens, Rea 138 2259 r.m.owens Admissions Officer
Prosser , Mark 904 2233 m.a.prosser Admin Manager
Sellars, Tim   2064 t.sellars Faculty Recruitment and Marketing Co-Ordinator
Schorah , Lindsey 904 2446 l.f.schorah Senior Programme Administrator
Urquhart , Nicola 904 2248 n.urquhart Programme Administrator
Walker , Emily 905 2193 e.j.walker PA to Director


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Faculty Technical and IT Support Staff

Name Room Phone Email Role
Allen , Robert 406 2317 r.allen Technician
Burgess, Paul 400 2078 p.m.burgess Senior Technician Biopharmacy
Cox , Kelly 104 2046 k.a.cox Technician Forensics/Biotechnology
Dempster, Nicola 200 2323 n.m.dempster Senior Research Officer
Fay, Catherine 406 2047 c.m.fay Technician
Farrell, Kathryn 105 2315 k.l.farrell Technician Biomolecular Sciences
Fitzsimmons, Michael 400 2078 m.g.fitzsimmons Senior Technician
Hamlett, Peter 655 2224 p.hamlett Senior Technician - Projects
Henshaw, Geoffrey 415 2216 g.henshaw Senior Technician
Huby, Lynn 153 2262 l.t.huby Technician
Lewis , Sue 104 2046 s.lewis Senior Technician Biomolecular Sciences
Lloyd, Martin 435 2322 m.p.lloyd / Faculty IT Support Officer
McCallum , Janet 427 2321 j.mccallum Technician
Salmon , Phil 402a 2311 p.j.salmon Analytical 
Savage, Carole 402a 2311 c.savage Technician
Steen , Anne-Marie 153 2262 a.steen Technician
Thomson, Ian 435 2322 i.thomson / Senior Faculty IT Support Officer
Tiernan , Caroline 105 2315 c.s.tiernan Technician
Wilson , James 407 2317 w.j.wilson Senior Technician
Woodman , Kenneth 406 2317 k.woodman Technician
Woods, Campbell 402a 2311 c.woods Analytical
Wylie, Lynne 105 2315 l.m.wylie Technical co-ordinator Microbiology

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