Dr. Linda Seton

Lecturer in Pharmaceutical and Analytical Chemistry

Name Linda Seton
Email (@ljmu.ac.uk) l.seton
Telephone +44 (0)151 231 2049
Address Room 221d
James Parsons Building
Liverpool John Moores University
Byrom Street
L3 3AF


BSc in Chemistry at University of Liverpool including a year in Industry which was spent at ICI Chemicals and Polymers. This was followed by PhD studies at UMIST, Manchester. I conducted post-doctoral research in industrial crystallisation for DuPont, and crystallisation in emulsion systems before joining LJMU in 2001.

Research Interests:

Crystallisation of pharmaceuticals and other small organic molecules. Areas include: polymorph control, solvent effects, hydration kinetics, pharmacutical co-crystals, drug delivery. Influence of solid state on tabletting, use of structural additives. Materials chemistry, particularly as applied to highway design and maintenance.

Current projects include: investigation into hydration kinetics; Investigation of the effectiveness of minitablets for peadiatric delivery; Use of Langmuir films for crystallisation control.

Research Group/s:

Formulation and Drug Delivery


I teach on the Master of Pharmacy and the Applied Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences Degree programmes and the Foundation in Natural Sciences programme. My teaching covers topics such as spectroscopy, crystallisation and polymorphism in pharmaceucticals, pharmaceutical quality control and physical chemistry. I also lead undergraduate research projects in areas such as Polymorph control, Pharmaceutical co-crytals and dosage form design.


Internally: Matt Roberts, Gillian Hutcheon, Mike Davies and Ian Bradshaw (All Pharmacy and Biomolecular Science) and Hassan Al Nageim, (Built Environment.

Externally: Robin Pritchard, University of Manchester; Robert Hammond, University of Leeds.


Further Information:

I am an active member of the British Association of Crystal Growth, and served on the commitee for seven years. I am also a member of the commitee of the Process Technology Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry. Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Associate Member of the Institute of Chemical Engineers.

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