Human Resources Arrangements for Staff and Students Undertaking Research in the NHS


LJMU staff and postgraduate students wishing to apply for an NHS Research Passport should first read the guidance for completing the Research Passport application for which is available here.  

Please note that the application process takes some time to complete therefore applicants are advised to apply at least 6-8 weeks prior to the start date of their project.

LJMU staff applications are dealt with by Human Resources.  LJMU staff should contact either Joanne Wilson, HR Adviser, ext 8115, email or Sandra McCrystal, HR Adviser, ext 8116, email

LJMU postgraduate student applications are dealt with by the Graduate School.  Postgraduate students should follow the steps set out below and contact Sue Ward, Graduate School Operations Manager, ext 6466 or email  Please click here for a process map detailing the application process.

Please note that both forms must be completed on-line and should not be handwritten.

Student applicants should complete sections 1 to 3 of the application form and pass this to the academic supervisor who will be supervising the project to complete section 4 of the form.

On completion of sections 1 to 4 of the form, this should be forwarded to the Graduate School for completion of section 5 of the form.

On receipt of the application form, the applicant will be sent a Research Passport Medical Referral form for completion (if applicable).

Student applicants should complete section 1 of Research Passport Medical Referral form and pass this to the academic supervisor who will be supervising the project for completion of section 2 of the form.  The student should then make an appointment to see the Graduate School Operations Manager for completion of both forms.  NB - If an Occupational Health Check is required this must be requested by the Graduate School Operations Manager.

In addition to these forms, the following information must be provided by the student:

1.  ID with photograph (current LJMU student card)

2.  Evidence of current professional registration (if applicable)

3.  An up-to-date DBS check, ie less than 6 months old, at the required level (if applicable). 

If a DBS check is required details of the relevant contacts are as follows:

For students in the Faculty of Education, Health & Community:  contact Tricia McMillan, Admissions & Marketing Manager, ext 5433 or email

For students in the Faculty of Science:  for NSP and SPS contact Ed Wells, Team Leader, ext 2369 or email; for PBS contact Mark Prosser, Admin Support Manager, ext 2233 or email

Once all necessary checks have been completed the Graduate School Operations Manager will complete and sign section 5 of the form and return it to the applicant.

The applicant will then complete section 6 of the form attaching all relevant documents including DBS check and Occupational Health Clearance (where applicable) and send it to the Lead R&D office for processing.

Applicants should check with the research project supervisor which Lead R&D office their application should be sent to.







Page last modified 21 November 2014.

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