Key Contacts

Finance - Research & Enterprise Team

To assist you in the preparation of costings for your UK research grant application please contact:

Faculty of Science (SCS):

Gemma Ross - e-mail: ext: 6406

Faculty of Arts, Professional and Social Studies (APS):

Sue Laffey - e-mail: ext: 6407

Faculty of Technology & Environment (TAE) / Faculty of Education, Health & Community (EHC):

Tina McGeehan - e-mail: ext: 6415

For all European research grants

Sue Jackson - e-mail: ext: 6412

Grants Policy and Projects

For review and approval of EU-funded and UK Research Council grant applications and advice on the LJMU grant application process or the external funder's submission process please contact:

Ian Pennington (EU Horizon 2020 programmes):; ext. 6471

Kevin Egerton / Caroline Little (UK Research Councils): ext. 6468 / ext. 6473

Additional support from the Graduate School

You may be aware that traditionally colleagues in the Graduate School have been responsible for the final e-approval of LJMU external grant applications on the various UK funding bodies e-submission system suchas Je-S. Kevin and Caroline are increasingly taking this function on for the University working alongside the Graduate School team. Please bear with us at this time of transition. If you're unclear as to who will do what for your particular bid contact either Kevin or Caroline or your contact in the Graduate School:

Maria Roberts (APSS / TAE) e-mail: ext. 6464

Jo McKeon (EHC / SCS) e-mail: ext. 6463

Approved signatory for bids and contracts:

Belinda McGuiness (Deputy Director of Finance) e-mail:; ext. 6135

Alison Thornber (Head of Grants Policy and Projects) e-mail:; ext. 6474

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