Annual Monitoring Exercise

 The University's Research Degree Regulations require that all registered postgraduate research students and their Directors of Studies report annually on progress. This is undertaken in line with the University’s Code of Good Practice for Annual Monitoring  

The timetable for the 2013 annual monitoring exercise has been approved by the University Research Degrees Committee

Students and Directors of Studies are asked to report on progress during the current academic year using the standard form.

Completed report forms should be sent to the relevant Research Co-ordinator for your School/Faculty or to the Secretary to your Faculty Research Committee. Further details on the annual monitoring exercise within your Faculty will be available from the Chair of your Faculty Research Degrees Committee or equivalent.

The deadline for submission of completed reports is 28th June 2013.

Students who do not report face the possibility of having their research degree registration withdrawn by Research Degrees Committee.

Directors of Studies who do not report face the possibility of having sanctions applied to them by Research Degrees Committee.

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