Submitting Your Application

You must submit your application to an appropriate research ethics committee as shown in the ethical approval process flowchart
For LJMU staff and students working with NHS patients this is an Health Research Authority Research Ethics Committee (REC). For more information on applying for ethical approval through The Health Research Authority please visit

Applicants to NRES do not need to submit a full application to LJMU REC but must complete a NHS Research Governance Proforma which must be submitted to the LJMU REC secretary on receiving confirmation of full, unconditional approval from Health Research Authority. Failure to inform LJMU REC of NRES approval may invalidate any insurance provision by LJMU.
Staff and students undertaking research within the NHS may be required to obtain CRB clearance and an honorary contract via the NHS Research Passport system before individual Trust approval is given. Further information is also available on the human resources arrangements of staff and students underaking research in the NHS.

Arrangements for CRB clearance will be made through your School or Faculty.

Research within the NHS is conducted in accordance with the NHS Research Governance Framework for Health and Social Care 2005 and researchers are advised to familiarise themselves with the principles of good research governance within the framework. Further information can be found at

For staff or students working outside the NHS the relevant committee is the LJMU REC. The Chair of the main LJMU REC is Dr Diana Leighton and the secretary is Ms Mandy, Research Support Officer (Ethics and Governance) based in the Research and Innovation Services, 4th Floor Kingsway House.

Undergraduate REC
Some faculties or schools have established undergraduate RECs with the remit of approving research projects being undertaken as part of final year dissertations. If your research is part of an undergraduate dissertation please check to see if your Faculty or school has an undergraduate REC. Individual undergraduate REC contacts will be able to supply details of meeting dates and application procedures.

All research undertaken by staff, postgraduate students or undergraduate students in faculties/schools without an undergraduate REC must apply directly to LJMU REC. The REC meets approximately every 6 weeks and provides guidance on the conduct of research involving human participants. The relevant application form must be completed and submitted with a copy of the proposed participant information sheet, consent forms, protocol and any other relevant documents.

Application forms, guidance and templates for participant information sheets and consent forms can be downloaded here.

The University REC operates a system of proportionate review for studies which present lower levels of risk and/or potential harm to participants. A series of  checklists have been developed and included at the start of the application form for ethical approval. Completion of the checklists will assist staff and students in determining which ethical approval route is most suitable for their proposed research study.

Risk Assessment
If any risks, either to the researcher or the participant, are identified an LJMU risk assessment form must be completed and the outcome and risk assessment procedures  summarised in the relevant section of the form. A copy of the completed risk assessment form must be submitted with your application. For Health and Safety Risk Assessment Forms click here (number 18)

Requirements Following Ethical Approval
Ethical approval is granted on the understanding that:
- you obtain further approval for any substantial amendments to your research
- you notify the REC of any serious adverse events
- you maintain the required levels of data protection and confidentiality for the duration of the study and in any of your findings

Page last modified 06 February 2015.

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