How do we save power?

Energy Saving

Did you know that only that only 1 in 5 homes have cavity wall insulation? or that the domestic sector uses 30% of all UK energy produced?

   Edwardian  Modern  Saving

Space Heating

Water Heating



Standing Charges




















CO2 Tonnes 14.6 6.2  8.4 
NHER Rating 2.7 7.8 

By taking simple steps to prevent energy wastage you could dramatically lower the amount of energy being used. The modern house is £640 a year cheaper to run than a similar sized Edwardian house. This is due to energy saving methods being employed throughout the building. These methods are listed on the right.

The practices that you use at home to prevent energy loss and save money are called BEST PRACTICES, these can be brought by you and implemented within your working environment. These are;-

  • Turning lights off
  • Not leaving appliances on stand by
  • Unplugging items when not in use and turning the plugs off
  • Turning off monitors
  • Turning down heating


  • The average UK home generates the equivalent of 7 tonnes of CO2 for annual energy use.
  • Low energy lamps could make a significant difference to our homes, if every home in the uk fitted one low energy lamp we could shut down a 2000 MW power station.
  • Televisions left on standby consume 24% of the energy they use when switched on.

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Save your 20% by taking the Energy Savings Trust questionaire;

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