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During the autumn and winter terms various speakers from the world of astronomy present a piece of their research to an audience at the ARI. Attendees have a chance to talk with the speaker aswell as staff at the ARI. All welcome.

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There are also Journal Club's presented by members of staff, and sometimes students, where astronomy papers are reviewed and discussed. These can be very liveily occassions. All welcome.

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25 March 2010

The sky's the limit with distance learning courses from the Astrophysics Research Institute.

British expatriot Simon Coggins-Hill recounted his experiences of following a childhood interest in astronomy in a recent Telegraph article.

After moving to Germany, Simon rekindled his fascination after realising he could see more stars through his telescope than he could from his English home town. Simon enrolled firstly onto The Universe Through a Small Telescope, followed by the more advanced The Universe Through a Large Telescope course. The part-time astronomer now contributes to research undertaken by an international community of astrophysicists.

Simon commented: "For me, as for millions of others, distance learning was the opportunity to study a subject I would have loved to study at university, but never got the chance."

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