£1m School Refurbishment Completed


Refurbishment works on the 7th Floor of the School of Computing were completed this September. This project, which cost in excess of £1m was carried out by contractors D+B Facades. It involved a complete refit of all flooring, lighting and redecoration of laboratories, corridors and offices along the 7th floor. Additional work was carried out in refitting 20+ staff offices with new furniture, data access points and an overhaul of the heating systems.

Information screens were installed along the corridors and air conditioning was added to the research laboratories. Student laboratories were equipped with over 130 dual core workstations. Enhancements were also made to the communal student area.

Resources manager, Ian Fitzpatrick said: " The refurbishment will provide a significant enhancement to the work environment for staff and students of the School."


Page last modified 23 November 2010.

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