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David Williams, a BSc Internet Computing student at LJMU, has been made employee of the month at Experian, where David is taking his placement year.

David’s nomination praises his efforts highly, mentioning him standing in for other team members when they have either been on holiday or off sick, as well as extending his shift hours to support his colleagues and the business.

David also received a glowing appraisal from a client who was impressed with his proactive approach to customer service, which contributed to his nomination:

Dave’s enthusiasm to want to help and work with others shines through with his positive attitude. Dave will benefit from this year as a student placement, but I can vouch for clients and other colleagues that you would not think Dave is on his placement year.

He shows a keen attitude to want to help and adheres to all processes and procedures. He has fitted extremely well within the team and it has been a pleasure to work with him.

I would also like to say congratulations to Dave as he is a student and being nominated against other colleagues is a tremendous accomplishment. I do hope Dave wins this month’s award and wish him all the best at University and I am sure we would hope to see him back!
It is great to have a student placement on the team with such a positive influence on the clients and the team and I believe Dave deserves recognition for his hard work and dedication.

Talking about his experience at the Southport-based company, David said: “Up to date this has been a fantastic placement and I have truly enjoyed every single minute of it.”

Christine Humphries, David’s course leader, commented that David’s recognition provides “evidence that we produce excellent ambassadors for the school and university.”

Page last modified 12 November 2010.

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