Postgraduate Certificate in Forensic CCTV Analysis

Setting the standard for CCTV Analysis

The Postgraduate Certificate in Forensic CCTV Analysis is a unique, accredited course for Police and security professionals who need to accurately and effectively interpret Closed Circuit Television evidence.
Combining academic rigour and the realities of security enforcement, the course provides delegates not only with a robust theoretical foundation but also the practical awareness that they will need to operate successfully in this field. Delegates will gain a comprehensive knowledge of current and developing computer forensic technologies relating to CCTV analysis. They will also explore the wide range of issues involved in the implementation of CCTV analysis investigations, such as security, legal, ethical and privacy requirements.

The course aims to create a new generation of qualified CCTV analysis specialists, equipped with higher standards of performance and greater professionalism than ever before.

“Cheshire Police are happy to be working in conjunction with Liverpool John Moores University in providing training in this emerging forensic discipline.
The course will enable students to keep abreast of current technical developments in CCTV and learn important forensic analysis techniques as well as providing them with a formal academic qualification.
In my view, CCTV evidence is vital crime scene evidence that needs to be dealt with effectively and professionally in line with other established forensic disciplines. I am therefore really pleased that this partnership with Liverpool John Moores University will help to develop the skills, understanding and knowledge necessary to achieve this.”

Deputy Chief Constable Graeme Gerrard QPM
Cheshire Police Constabulary

Page last modified 22 September 2011.

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