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Our Forensic CCTV Analysis qualifications equip students with the knowledge, understanding and practical skills to operate, oversee and devise strategy for CCTV evidence handling in both law-enforcement and private security applications. There are three levels of qualification available in this subject, which are:

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Forensic CCTV Analysis
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Forensic CCTV Analysis
  • Master of Science in Forensic CCTV Analysis

Students enrol on the Post Graduate Certificate (PGCert), and gain credits for each module that they successfully complete. Students who successfully complete the three core PGCert modules will be awarded 60 credits and a PGCert. Students can then progress to complete a further four modules (and another 60 credits) to qualify for the award of Post Graduate Diploma (PGDip).

The organisation of modules, credit values and progression towards these awards is shown below:

The Master of Science (MSc) requires students to complete the previous 120 credits and then undertake a final project / dissertation. This is a research project undertaken with the support of a member of academic staff, who will mentor and support you in putting together your project. Your project will demonstrate your planning, research, analysis, document structuring and writing, and presentation skills. Successful completion of the project awards a further 60 credits, reflecting the size of the project module and the amount of work required, and qualify for the award of Master of Science.

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