Diabetes Research Symposium

Dr. Farath Arshad from the Centre for Health and Social Care Informatics (CHaSCI) was successful in being selected to participate in a British Council - Prime Minister's Initiative 2 (PMI2) award which led to the profiling of her research at the Diabetes Research Symposium in Kuwait City this October. This was organised by the Dasman Diabetes Institute and The British Council in collaboration with Professor David Mathews of Oxford University.

The symposium examined recent advances, challenges and issues in the field of diabetes for agreeing a research agenda to which universities in the UK and the Gulf countries would add value by collaborating and enable the formation of a research network.

Dr Farath Arshad’s contribution introduced how technology could promote Patient Self Care in Diabetes by drawing together developments from the national Connecting for Health (CfH) programme and linking in every day tools which can be tailored to benefit patients. CHaSCI has developed a range of collaborations for developing applications and evaluation tools for health and social care. NHS trusts that have been collaborating with CHaSCI include Royal Liverpool Broadgreen Hospital, Stockport NHS Foundation Trust, Trafford Healthcare NHS Trust and a wide ranging partnership with North Mersey Health Informatics Service (NMHIS).

The Director General of Dasman Diabetes Institute, Dr. Kazem Behbehani stated that dedicated research in Diabetes Mellitus stems from the continuous efforts that the Institute exerts to combat diabetes.

International partnerships, in this case, partnership with UK universities, can strengthen research in the Middle East by enabling local researchers to work together with UK specialists who have new areas of expertise and experience and new approaches to tackling the issue. For UK scientists, the Middle East is unique, because the incidence of diabetes is so high in populations throughout the region. Many scientists believe that if diabetes can be managed in the Middle East, then it can be managed in most other settings across the world.

Page last modified 18 November 2011.

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