New International Initiative in Digital Arts

Dr David England, LJMU Head of Computing at the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, recently led a new International Initiative in Digital Arts.

This was part of the long running ACM SIGCHI conference series, the premier conference in Human Computer Interaction which celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2012.

This year, for the first time, Digital Arts was a featured community at this conference and Dr England was co-founder and co-chair of this Digital Arts Community, alongside Jill Fantauzacoffin, from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

The CHI2012 conference in Austin, Texas was the first ever conference to include Digital Arts as a featured community. The community aims to bring together artists and Human Computer Interaction (HCI) researchers and practitioners at the conference.

Dr England ran a course on "HCI and Art in collaboration", and a Special Interest Group meeting on "Digital Art Evaluation Appreciation, Critique" as well as presenting a paper.

He said:

"Human Computer Interaction has had a long relationship with Digital Arts. This includes our own work with the FACT Centre, Liverpool and the HCI2008 conference which we ran as part of the Capital of Culture. Both disciplines have much to offer each other. HCI can learn new ways of using and innovating in technology from Digital Art, whilst Digital Art can gain an understanding of how people view and use technology from HCI."

This year's ACM SIGCHI conference offered artists, HCI practitioners and researchers the chance to present their work, not only via standard papers and posters but also via an Interactivity Exhibition and via discussion sessions and panels. An international steering committee has now been formed to continue the community's activities through CHI2013 in Paris and CHI2014 in Toronto.

Image of Jill Fantauzacoffin, Georgia Institute of Technology, Prof. Linda Candy, University of Technology, Sydney, Dr Celine Latulipe, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Dr David England, Liverpool John Moores University

Page last modified 24 May 2012.

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