Research network in Chaordic Geosimulation

A number of Universities in Turkey, the UK and in the USA have come together in an infant Research Network on Chaordic Geosimulation. The Research Network based in the GISLab in CMS LJMU is created to promote the on-going learning of those in the vanguard of planning thinking and practice. This network will serve as a forum for provocative dialogue, collaborative exploration, and the generation of knowledge and know-how to advance the praxis of planning and transformation to its cutting edge in the real-world problems found in the delivery of a number of areas such as disaster planning, spatial decision support and, emergency response.
This will provide an opportunity for individuals in organisations in a number of countries to benefit from expertise developed in the UK as well as for UK academicians and researchers to share knowledge and skills as well as to learn new skills and knowledge from practitioners in other countries.

Page last modified 19 June 2008.

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