LJMU GIS Group attracts regional attention

13 April 2006

The LJMU Geographic Information System (GIS) Group held another half-day training workshop on Thursday 6 April in its successful current series attracting senior regional planners and academics and administrators from across LJMU. Hosted by the Northwest GIS Research Laboratory in the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, the workshop gave first-time users of GIS an opportunity to work with a real GIS.

Dr Nick Eden, a senior lecturer in the School of Built Environment, introduced workshop participants to the fundamentals of GIS. Participants worked through a series of small case studies gaining a basic understanding of the functionality of a GIS along the way. Dr Mohammed Ahmad, Projects Manager 2020 Liverpool and Barry Eckersley, Chief Surveyor with 2020 Liverpool, said: "The workshop has provided us with an opportunity to see something of the wide array of research in NWGISRL. We are very pleased to see the development of a spirit of open communication between the University and practitioners working on real world problems."

Dr Michael Francis, NWGISRL Director and a senior lecturer in the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, said: "The main goal of NWGISRL is to carry out spatial research that is a direct benefit to the local community." Dr Francis went on to explain: "There is a direct link between the local community and the University, a two-way flow of information and mutual cooperation."

The LJMU GIS Group provides an array of services for the local community. Groundbreaking projects include free training in GIS through its series of one-day workshops, e-training in GIS, remote sensing and GPS available via the Internet, and bespoke continuing professional development courses focused on geospatial technologies. Importantly, the LJMU GIS Group has successfully brought together academics from across the University and colleagues from industry in a combined collaborative effort to drive forward geospatial technology learning and teaching, research and technical consultancy in LJMU.

Information about the LJMU GIS Group can be found on their website at http://www.mrrl.org.uk/



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