Geographical Information Systems conference

17 November 2005

IGTW2006 conference and workshop

Conference details

LJMU's Merseyside Regional Research Laboratory in the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences is to host the 1st Innovative GeoSpatial Technology International Conference and Workshop.

The two-day conference, which will take place in May 2006, will attract delegates from Merseyside, the UK and all over the world.

The principle aim of the IGTW2006 conference is to provide a unique forum with a regional focus to exchange knowledge on the multidisciplinary nature and practice of geospatial technologies in managing complex urban space.

The IGTW2006 event provides a unique gathering place for geospatial technology professionals from all disciplines to interact and learn from each other's experience and knowledge. The program is designed to help planners discover cutting-edge geospatial technology solutions from diverse application areas.

The conference theme, "Managing Complex Urban Space in the Merseyside Region: The Contributions of GIS Thinking and Practice", marks the beginning of a region-focused approach to Geographical Information Systems (GIS). The event will feature sessions that honour the innovative contributions of GIS specialists, particularly in the Merseyside region, as well as the contributions of GIS practitioners and developers with experience of managing urban space with similar characteristics to Merseyside from around the world.

Delegates are welcome from not only the field of GIS, but all relevant fields of teaching, learning support, planning and management that use geospatial technologies in innovative ways.

Dr Michael Francis, who is organising the event in conjunction with an organising team drawn from a unique organising committee from around LJMU and from industry, said: "We are pleased and honoured to be hosting the event as it will help place LJMU on the map and show that we are international specialists with a genuine regional bias".

"We have already received interest from both delegates and people from a number of countries who have offered to contribute and share knowledge of managing complex urban space in a number of countries with experiences similar to those in Merseyside."

For more information about IGTW2006 and MRRL, contact Dr. Michael Francis on ext: 2480 or visit:

Workshop details

The GIS Interest Group, as part of the GISSING in Merseyside workshop series, is holding a one-day workshop.

Keynote Speaker: Ralph Diment, Intergraph Corporation
Theme: Integrating Spatial Technology with Key Business Systems
Venue: Peter Jost Ground Floor Lecture Theatre
Date: Friday 16 December 2005
Time: 9.30am to 3pm

Free admission and buffet lunch for LJMU staff and students is available by invitation from Dr Michael Francis, email:

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