Futurologist Robin Mannings presents at PGNet 2008


Robin Mannings is a Research Foresight Manager (aka futurologist) at BT Group, Research and Venturing Dept. He is a computer scientist, engineer, and author.

Foresight and Futurology span a wide area but Robin’s main interests are focussed on the future of science and technology and how it will impact on, and interact with, the future of business and society. He is particularly interested in potential future
disruptive technologies and has recently written a book, (Ubiquitous Positioning) about the future of knowing where everything and everybody is situated.

Robin's career includes; mobile radio systems (Philips), wireless research (University of Bath) and telematics research, consultancy and research management, (BT, Adastral Park, Martlesham Heath, UK). Robin has written numerous papers, book chapters and patents, and speaks frequently at conferences, specialist gatherings and with the media.

He is a Chartered Engineer, a Member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers and graduate in electrical and electronic engineering (Cardiff). He is currently studying part-time for a professional doctorate in Lancaster University's computer dept. in the area of computer science concerning ubiquitous computing. He has a strong interest in culture and history and enjoys watercolour painting.

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