Police Award for GIS Lab

PhD student receives commendations for outstanding work with Merseyside Police.

On 21 October Peter Kinloch, a PhD candidate in the GISLab (UK) in the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, was presented with two major awards at a ceremony held by Merseyside Police.

Peter is a senior strategic information officer for Merseyside Police and he has been reading for a PhD for the last 5 years under the supervision of Dr Michael Francis. The awards were in recognition of improving information management in Merseyside Police, which has seen a shift in organisational culture and restructuring of the information officer's record. As a direct result of this research study there has been a dramatic reduction in crime across the constabulary.

The first award was a commendation awarded by the Home Office 'for initiative, dedication and problem solving skills, as a member of the NICHE Crime Recording Project which have made a significant contribution to the successful roll out of NICHE crime across the force in the Summer and Autumn of 2007'.

The second award was a commendation awarded by Chief Constable Bernard Hogan-Howe for Total Policing.

Such awards are issued once each year to two or three individuals across England and Wales.  Due to the success of the work carried out within Merseyside Police, seven officers in Peter's team were presented with the national award, which in itself is unprecedented.

The next challenge facing the GISLab is to keep looking towards further developing the work done at Merseyside Police. Peter's supervisor Dr Michael Francis commented: "Peter's success in using Geographical Information Systems and state-of-the-art thinking to combat modern crime and anti-social behaviour has brought enormous benefits to Merseyside. His research is indicative of the innovative, practical research we are undertaking in the GISLab."

The GISLab is committed to finding workable solutions to everyday problems using the latest GIS techniques, and has recently been invited to share innovative research findings in a number of countries including Sweden, Turkey and Cyprus. They are currently providing GIS-based research for a number of national and regional organisations in the UK.

Pictured: Dr Michael Francis and Peter Kinloch with Senior Police Officers from Cyprus



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