Applied Computing Research Group (ACRG)


Welcome to the Applied Computing Research Group (ACRG) within the School of Computing & Mathematical Sciences in Liverpool John Moores University.
The research group was established in 2010 and is headed by Dr Dhiya Al-Jumeily. The group's primary focus is the application of computing through research and industrial projects. The ACRG looks to acheive this with two main strands: to further the school's research and teaching expertise in Software Engineering, and the application of software and hardware solutions to a variety of domains from commercial and industrial solutions to experimental evaluation.

Our research themes include:

  • Software Engineering
    • Distributed Software Engineering
    • Application of Graph Theory to large-scale datasets
    • Teaching challenges, including real-world projects as a teaching aid
  • Embedded and Low-Power Systems
    • Software Development challenges in alternate architectures and heavily resource-constrained systems
    • "Green" Computing
    • Applications in education
    • Application in health monitoring and analysis (E-Health)
    • Sense augmentation and enhancement 

The group has used a number of real-world projects as teaching and teaching support tools; selected undergraduate students are involved in a variety of development roles on commercial projects. This provides useful and relevant experience to our students and helps, along with other school initiatives to ensure our technologies are up-to-date and teaching practices relevant.

Page last modified 20 July 2012.

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