Research Groups

School based research is developed through the following Research groups:

Distributed Multimedia Systems and Security ( DMSS Group)
Professor Madjid Merabti ( Group Leader ), Profes  Dr. Bob Askwith, Dr.Tom Berry, Dr. David England, Dr. Rubem Pereira, Dr. S Ravindran, Professor. Q  Shi, Andrew Symons,

Statistics & Neural Computation ( SNC Group )
Professor Paulo Lisboa  ( Group Leader ),  Dr. Pete Harris, Dr. Lesley Wright

Computer Games Research Group (CGRG Group)

Professor Abdennour El-Rahlibi ( Group Leader ), Prof. Madjid Merabti (Affiliated),  Dr Martin Hanneghan (Affiliated),  Dr David England (Affiliated),  Dr Paul Fergus,  Dr. Omar Abuelma'atti,  Dr Yuanyuan Shen, Dr Sudi Sudirman  (affiliated), Dr Christopher Carter

Applied Artificial Intelligence ( AAI Group)
Dr. Dhiya Al-Jumeily, Professor Abdennour El-Rhalibi,  Dr. Paul Strickland

Applied Computing Group ( AC Group)
Dr Dhiya Al-Jumeily 
( Group Leader),  Dr. Paul Fergus, Dr. Henry Forsyth, Dr. David Lamb, Mr. Andy Laws, Dr. Martin Randles, Dr. Mark Taylor

Dr Farath Arshad  ( Group Leader)

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