Planning an Event

How to Plan an Event

"We know that you are already working hard to make your event a great success, that's why the LJMU booking experience is designed to be as straightforward and easy as possible."

How to Book an Event

After careful consideration, proceed with the following steps to book an event:

Step 1:-

Call (0151 231) 5716 or visit the online enquiry form to contact one of LJMU's team of professional organisers. They will discuss your requirements in detail so that we can recommend the best possible package for your particular event.

Step 2:-

Once you confirm your booking, you will be assigned your own Conference Co-ordinator.

Step 3:-

Your Conference Co-ordinator will work with you to devise General Booking Agreement, outlining everything you need and expect from your event.

Step 4:-

On the day of your event, you will be met by your Conference Co-ordinator, who will show you to your allocated rooms and will be on hand throughout to ensure your event runs smoothly and to accommodate any last minute changes.

Step 5:-

Five days after your event, your Conference Co-ordinator will contact you for feedback on how everything went.

For Further Information...

If you have any further enquiries on booking an event, please contact the Conference and Events Team:

Tel: (0151 231) 5716

Fax: 0151 231 5687


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