Deferred Consideration

Request for Deferred Consideration of a Module Assessment

Making an Application

The following are guidance notes only and students and staff should refer to the Academic Framework Regulations.

Students are strongly advised to contact their personal tutor or other appropriate academic staff in the first instance.

Advice and guidance is available from the Student Advice and Wellbeing Team.

Independent advice is available from Liverpool Students' Union on telephone: 0151 231 4900 email:

If a pre-scheduled event will prevent a student from attempting an assessment, the student may request that consideration of his/her performance is deferred until the subsequent assessment opportunity.  (Examples of circumstances where this procedure applies could include events such as: jury service, medical treatment, military service etc).

To request that consideration of performance is suspended until the subsequent assessment opportunity, a student must complete the Request for Deferred Consideration of Module Assessment form, which you can access by clicking on the link below.

Deferred Consideration Form

Independent, verifiable and impartial evidence MUST be provided with the application and should be submitted to your Module Leader, normally no later than two weeks prior to the assessment event.

The Module Leader will liaise with the Chair of the Assessment Board and Academic Manager to determine whether reasonable grounds have been presented.

If the request for Deferred Consideration is accepted:

  • The Assessment Board will be advised that consideration of the student's module attempt is to be deferred until the next assessment opportunity.

If the request for Deferred Consideration is not accepted:

  • The student will be advised that the module assessment will not be deferred and he/she should attempt the module assessment event in the current assessment period.




Page last modified 08 November 2012.

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