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The primary aim of the LJMU external website (http://www.ljmu.ac.uk/) is to support the recruitment of students and to promote the University as a credible partner for business and industry, through a well-designed, accessible, engaging, interactive website.

The aim of the LJMU websites for current students and staff is to be a reference and information source for our internal audiences. These websites are accessible to audiences outside of LJMU and their content needs to be generated with this in mind. (www.ljmu.ac.uk/student and www.ljmu.ac.uk/staff)


Key objectives for the website are to:

  • Accurately reflect the LJMU offer using engaging, interactive content which entices visitors to spend time browsing the site.
  • Ensure that audiences can quickly and easily find the information they need (including search engine optimisation)

Web authoring

  • The website is underpinned by the RedDot Content Management System (CMS).
  • Top level corporate communications and marketing information aimed at the prospective student market are generated and maintained by Marketing and Corporate Communications.
  • Corporate templates for use by RedDot authors are pre-coded in the CMS.
  • Web authors across LJMU are nominated by Directors to manage their faculty and service team websites locally.

Corporate content

The Marketing and Corporate Communications web team is responsible for the generation and maintenance of corporate information on the LJMU website to ensure that the site is an engaging and effective marketing and communications tool.


Helena Eaton, Digital Communications Manager, Tel: 0151 231 3313

Neil Grant, New Media Developer, Tel: 0151 231 3399

Michael Humphreys, Multimedia Designer, Tel: 0151 231 3580

David Lawson, Online Marketing Officer, Tel. 0151 231 3217

News Update stories should be emailed to newsupdate@ljmu.ac.uk

Page last modified 19 September 2014.

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