Document templates

Microsoft Word
(letterhead and platform)

When prompted to save or open the file, choose Save, and then save to the following location on your PC

  • Windows 7 - M:\Templates or M:\My Documents\My Templates\
  • Windows XP - M:\My Documents\My Templates\
  • Windows NT - M:\TEMPLATES

    To create a new Word document based on the template, simply select File, New and then select the template from the General tab.

    Fax Template and Guidance

    Microsoft Powerpoint

    Notes for creating a visually accessible PowerPoint presentation

    • Improve legibility by using high contrast between text and background colours – dark colours against white and white against dark blue.
    • Avoid using colours that are similar in lightness or similar in darkness next to one another
    • Avoid using similar colours together – e.g. red and orange
    • Avoid using pastel colours
    • Consider the font size and layout for each slide – as a rough guide use no more than 25 words per slide, with up to six bullet points.
    • Don’t use colour alone to convey information – e.g. if using a red button to indicate ‘stop’ add the text ‘stop’ inside the button
    • Graphs and charts – use contrasting colours to differentiate between information. Keep the layout simple and ensure that all information is legible.
    Policy Cover Templates

    Click here to download an MS Word policy cover template


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