Liaison with Academic Departments

How does information get passed on to my academic Faculty and tutors?

Each Faculty has an assigned Disability Coordinator (DisCo), and it is their role to ensure that all of the information reaches the correct people.  With your permission, they will ensure that your Individual Student Learning Plan is circulated to all relevant academic staff. You can approach the DisCo responsible for your academic school/department if you have any questions regarding your support and your academic studies. Information regarding the contact details is on the university intranet or contact the Disability Advice Team.  Information will not be shared with staff without your consent 

What is an Individual Learning Support Plan (ISLP)?

Once you have met with the Disability Adviser to discuss your Study Needs Assessment, the Adviser will then produce an ISLP. The ISLP sets out the type of support that is required and who is responsible for ensuring that the support is put into place. All the information is taken from the Needs Assessment report and only contains the information that is relevant to the University.

 The Adviser will send this to you via email and once you have approved this document it will then be sent to the DisCo. The DisCo will then distribute this to the relevant academic and support staff which will give them an understanding of what they can do to support you in the most effective way.

Page last modified 03 August 2012.

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