On-line Payment Security

How secure are my details?

Here at LJMU we take great efforts to ensure that your information is safe and secure, especially when you are transacting with us over the internet. Therefore we have enabled various security systems to ensure your details are kept private.

Data Encryption

Whether you are entering your card details to pay fees, looking at your ViP Account transactions or purchasing items from our online store, all areas of our site use encryption certificates to ensure that information being passed from your computer to ours is safe and secure – in fact it uses the same level of security as the banking industry.

Verified by Visa / Mastercard SecureCode

All of LJMUs on-line payment sites are registered with and use Verified by Visa (VbV) and Mastercard Secure Code (MSC) as an extra level of authentication when you pay. This means, that if you have VBV or MSC registered on your card, you will be asked for extra information to confirm you are the card holder before the payment is authorised.

As a responsible internet merchant, LJMU would encourage all users to register VbV or MSC on their cards. If you have not registered this information on your card, please contact your card issuer to find out more.

PCIDSS Compliancy

PCIDSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a new standard set by Visa and Mastercard to ensure that merchants handle customers credit card details in a secure and appropriate manner.

All internet debit / credit card payments for LJMU are handled by an external company called WPM Education, who is the market leader in supplying internet payment facilities to higher education institutions. As of 10th April 2008, WPM Education became one of the first European e-payment service providers to achieve enterprise wide PCIDSS compliance. This  means their systems and security have been independently tested and passed by Visa and Mastercard approved auditors as part of the PCIDSS scheme meaning your card information is as safe as it possibly can be.

Page last modified 04 October 2010.

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