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Board of Govenors

The University is an independent Higher Education Corporation whose authority derives from the Education Reform Act 1988, and the Further and Higher Education Act 1992.

The Board of Governors derive their authority from the University’s Instrument and Articles of Government which was approved by the Privy Council on 5 March 1993, and revised in 1995 and 2002.

The Instrument and Articles of Government states that the Board shall consist of not less than twelve and not more than twenty-four appointed members.  The Board must decide what size it wishes to be.  It was agreed that there should be up to eighteen members, of whom up to eleven would be independent members (this has been lifted temporarily to twenty members overall of whom thirteen members would be independent due to a period of board member turnover and to ensure continuity), one nominee each for the Academic Board and students, two staff governors, and two co-opted members.  The membership of the Board is completed by the Vice Chancellor, who is the Chief Executive.

In the period from 1 August 2004 membership of the Board of Governors has been as follows: -

Ex-Officio Members

Professor M A Brown Vice Chancellor & Chief Executive

External Independent Members

Commodore R H Walker

Chair & Pro Chancellor (reappointed 23 March 2005)
Chair of Remuneration CommitteeChair of Nominations Committee

Mr W H A Addy Deputy Chair of Board of Governors (retired as Deputy Chair 22 March 2005)
Mr S Broomhead  
Mr J Carson (reappointed 1 September 2005)
Mrs R Hawley One year sabbatical commenced 1 April 2005
Chair of Employment Committee (retired as Committee Chair 22 March 2005)
Mr R Hill

(reappointed 1 October 2005)
Deputy Chair of Board of Governors (appointed 23 March 2005)
Chair of Finance Committee

Professor L Howell (reappointed 12 December 2004)
Deputy Chairman of Audit Committee
Mr J Kennedy  
Mr G Morris  
Ms D Shackleton Deputy Chair of Finance Committee
Her Honour Judge E Steel (reappointed 12 December 2004)
Deputy Chair of Employment Committee (appointed 23 March 2005)
Sir M Thornton Chairman of Audit Committee
Ms S Williams  

External Co-opted Members

Mr P Holme Co-opted Governor from Education Sector
Deputy Chair of Employment Committee (appointed 23 March 2005)
Ms C Hannah Co-opted Governor from Health Sector
(Appointed 18 October 2004)

Nominee Members

Mr P Hinton Staff Governor (Academic Board nominee) (retired 31 March 2005)
Dr G Mazhinu Staff Governor (Academic Board nominee) (appointed 18 April 2005)
Mr J Miller Student Governor (Student President) (retired 6 June 2005)
Ms S Kearns Student Governor (Student President) (appointed 7 June 2005)

Staff Members

Ms J Ball Staff Governor (Support Staff)
Mr B McClelland Staff Governor (Academic Staff)  (retired 31 August  2005)
Mr J Middleton Staff Governor (Academic Staff) (appointed 1 September 2005)

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