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Finding a dentist in Liverpool

It is vital to register with a dentist before you need one, as emergency treatment can be both difficult to obtain and expensive.

Please contact your local Primary Care Trust (PCT) - it is their responsibility to help you find a dentist locally. The telephone number for Liverpool PCT is 0800 073 1106. 

You will then be given the address and telephone number of a local NHS Dentist who will be able to provide treatment for you.

Emergency dental treatment

If you need emergency dental treatment, you should contact NHS Direct on 08454647 and they will be able to gidirect you to the most appropriate service.

Liverpool University Dental Hospital

The role of the Dental Hospital is primarily to train dental students, and to provide secondary/specialist care for patients referred by local general dental practitioners. 

Referrals for specialist treatment must be made by letter by the patient's own general medical or dental practitioner.

The Dental Hospital does not provide routine primary dental care on a long-term basis, and they expect patients to see a general dental practitioner for such treatment

Patients with Dental Emergencies

The doors open at 8 am and triaging of patients for A&E commences at 8.45 am.

The following groups of patients are accepted for emergency dental treatment in the A&E Department:

  • Patients who have suffered trauma to their teeth/mouth as a result of an accident or injury
  • Patients with a swelling of the face/jaws (eg due to a dental abscess).
  • Patients who have bleeding from their mouth (eg following removal of a tooth).
  • Patients with serious medical conditions or disabilities which prevent them being seen by dentists outside the hospital.

The A&E Department at Liverpool University Dental Hospital cannot provide treatment for all patients with toothache, lost fillings, dentures or crowns.   However, because they provide training for dental students and junior hospital dentists, they are able to offer limited treatment for a small number of patients.   The number of patients they see depends on the availability of staff and students on the day.

Patients currently undergoing treatment with a dentist should contact their dentist, who is obliged to provide them with access to emergency dental care.

Routine Treatment by a Dental Student

Because the Dental Hospital is primarily a teaching establishment for dental students, they are able to offer limited routine treatment for a small number of patients.  Those patients who wish to be considered for treatment by a dental student under supervision should contact Liverpool Dental Hospital on 0151 706 5060.  

Page last modified 28 May 2010.

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