Our promise to people using our service

We will provide support services to the highest standard we can achieve - with students and staff at the centre of our business.


Staff Behaviours

We will see the service from your point of view, aiming to:
  • Treat each of you as you would like to be treated
  • Acknowledge your name, where appropriate
  • Avoid jargon
  • Be aware of our body language
  • Smile - we will be approachable, friendly and polite
  • Put your needs first
  • Leave our personal problems behind when we are providing a service to you
  • Design services with your needs in mind
We will aim to satisfy your needs by:
  • Going the extra mile
  • Being clear about what you can expect from us
  • Building on our traditional strengths and good practice
  • Providing a personalised experience
  • Ensuring that answers are given and problems are resolved
  • Taking ownership of your enquiry


Service Standards

We will measure performance and benchmark against best practice by:
  • Using statistics and feedback to inform services
  • Ensuring that we talk to you and collaborate on how the service is provided
  • Giving feedback to you about our performance and how we have responded
  • Setting our own standards of best practice and telling you about them
  • Applying core service commitments and standards at all times
  • Reviewing front line services regularly
We will add value by:
  • Encouraging our staff to use their professional and technical skills
  • Ensuring all our services and facilities are available at key times
  • Ensuring support staff are available and visible

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