Our promise to ourselves and colleagues

Our promise to ourselves and other University staff is that we will deliver responsive services through working in partnership.


Staff Behaviours

We will be confident to try things out and not to worry if mistakes are made when doing this, by:
  • Being self-motivated and coming forward with ideas
  • Working through issues and problems to come up with solutions
  • Taking responsibility and learning from mistakes
  • Using judgement and experience when seeking to provide an excellent service
We will work as a team, allowing individuals to use their expertise, by:
  • Trusting each other
  • Making full use of personal development and review to investigate and develop staff expertise
  • Play to our strengths

Enjoy our work and take responsibility for what we do by:
  • Taking pride in what we do
  • Working together to create an enjoyable and fun environment
  • Tidying up - showing pride in our environment
  • Enjoying helping our colleagues and partners


Service Standards

We will collaborate and work in partnership with students, faculties and support services, through:
  • Taking a lead in partnerships and collaborative working
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Showing trust and being approachable
  • Keeping our communication channels open and doing our best to keep others informed
We will tell each other and the wider community about our achievements as individuals and as a team, by:
  • Creating and encouraging a culture of sharing success
  • Proactively promoting our services
  • Using marketing and communications strategies to publicise our services and developments

Page last modified 26 June 2013.

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