Access to LJMU Library Services for External Users

Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) is committed to supporting the local community and the higher education community. As such LJMU Library Services has entered into a range of agreements which entitle various groups from outside LJMU to either reference-only access or to borrow from our libraries.

For details of the various services and schemes offered follow the links on the left-hand menu.

Details of how to gain access and admission to the libraries are available.

Visitors may photocopy materials within the libraries subject to current Copyright regulations. To use our machines visitors will need to borrow a Photocopier Access Card from the Library Hub and add credit to the card using the cash loading machines located within the libraries. Please note that there is a minimum credit amount payable for Visitor photocopying and outstanding credit cannot be refunded.

Further information about procedures and prices are available from Printing, photocopying and scanning.

Page last modified 14 May 2013.

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