Library Services: Policies, Regulations and Standards

Guidelines for Users

We welcome staff and students into the libraries of Liverpool John Moores University and undertake to give you every possible support in your studies. In order that all users may benefit fully from Library Services, we would remind you that, whilst in the libraries your conduct must be in no way detrimental to other library users.

This means that you must observe the following simple codes of conduct, failure to observe these simple guidelines will result in a misconduct incident being recorded and appropriate disciplinary actions taken:

  • Noise
    Please ensure that you do not cause any disturbance to other people using the library.
  • Mobile Phones
    Please have your phone on silent whilst in an library and do not make or receive calls except in the stairwells.
  • Eating and Drinking
    You may have soft drinks in re-sealable containers. Food may not be consumed in the libraries.
  • Tidiness
    Please ensure that you do not leave litter behind when your visit is over.
  • Courtesy
    Please treat other users and library staff with respect and consideration.
  • Removal of Items
    All attempts at unauthorised removal of library items will be taken very seriously and will be formally recorded as part of the University Disciplinary Procedures.
  • Damage to Items
    Any instance of vandalism of library property will be formally recorded as part of the University's Disciplinary Procedures.
  • Computers
    Are to be used for academic purposes only.

You are reminded that you are responsible for all library materials in your possession at the exit gate. All instances of unissued material sounding the gate alarm will be recorded and where the material is found to be damaged a fine of £10 for each item plus the replacement cost of each item will be charged.

For further details of our regulations and policies, click on one of the items in the menu on the left. See also Computing Facilities - Conditions of Use.

Thank you in advance for co-operating with our code of conduct.

Page last modified 04 June 2013.

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