Library Services: Regulations - Membership

    1. All members of the University are entitled to use the libraries upon being issued with a valid University card.
    2. The act of enrolling in the University constitutes an undertaking to accept Library Services and Computing and Information Services regulations. Staff employed by the University have also agreed to abide by University, and thus Library Services regulations.
    3. Borrowing or reading privileges may be extended to non-members of the University at the discretion of senior Library Services staff, or according to agreements entered into by co-operating institutions.
    4. The act of registration as a reader or borrower constitutes an undertaking to accept these regulations.
    5. If a user ceases to be a member of the University then his/her privileges will be withdrawn and his/her University Card must be surrendered.
    6. Use may be denied to members who have abused the regulations, subject to review by senior Library Services staff.
    7. Users should notify Library Services of any change of address or loss of their University Cards.
    8. Members of the general public may use the libraries for reference purposes, though they may need to obtain a visitors pass.

Approved by the Academic Board, 14.11.94

Page last modified 03 June 2013.

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