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A number of seminar and group study rooms are available in each of our libraries. These can be booked by LJMU students or academic staff, usually for periods of up to 2 hours. These rooms can be used as venues for presentations and talks, or as group or individual study spaces, but please note that recurrent bookings are not possible and that bookings will become invalid if you are more than 15 minutes late taking up your reservation.

Each seminar room offers facilities including DVD viewing, digital projectors and interactive SMART Boards. (Please see individual links on the left for more details.) These facilities are available to any member of LJMU who books the room.

Guides and instructions are available and the library staff can help you get started.

SMART Boards

What is a SMART Board?
A SMART Board is a large, touch-controlled screen that works with a projector and a computer. The projector throws the computers' desktop image onto the interactive whiteboard, which acts as both a monitor and an input device.

View SMART Board Demo          Visit SMART Technologies web site

What can it be used for?
A SMART Board can be likened to an electronic flip chart and allows for more interactive and effective presentations. They provide ways of showing anything on the SMART Board that can be presented on a computers' desktop. The SMART Boards allow both writing on the screen with digital pens or pasting images and information from files or other sources. They can also be used to:

  • Practice presentations.
  • Show, view and listen to video and audio.
  • Annotate programs or presentations in real time.
  • Work on collaborative projects.
  • Capture handwritten notes using integrated software.
  • Operate and present software that is loaded onto the connected computer, e.g. internet browser or software from your own laptop.

Accessibility Hearing Loop Wheelchair Access

All of the seminar and group study rooms are accessible to wheelchair users and also contain hearing loops.

Wireless Zones Wireless Zone

All of the seminar and group study rooms are wireless zones (except Avril Robarts Library 2nd floor) so you can use your laptops or other mobile devices to connect to the internet or access files stored on your M: drive.

Page last modified 03 June 2013.

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